...it really is amazing!

The ultimate pocket chainsaw!

Unbelievable Saw

The Unbelievable Saw from Supreme Products, Inc. is available in the UK now! Able to cut through a 3 inch wooden log in around 20 seconds, this is far superior to the flexible wire saws you often see sold for camping. Made from strong heat-treated steel and coated to resist rust, it stays sharp. It's lightweight and packs away discreetly so is suitable for household duties or travelling.

Makes a great Christmas or birthday gift.

This flexible saw easily rolls down small for storage and weighs only 5 ounces (less than 150g!), making it perfect to keep in your car for emergencies or to take camping for cutting firewood. If you've had enough of other substandard survival saws, then look no further.

Unbelievable Saw packed

Flexible saw for around the home

The Unbelievable Saw can also be used to cut PVC pipe (e.g. drainpipe or other plumbing), and the ability to pass it behind objects means that it can be used in places where a traditional saw will always fail. The name says it all really, and if the video above doesn't persuade you that this incredible tool deserves a place in your home, then you're probably looking for something that runs on petrol rather than manpower.

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Why I made this site

A few years back I went camping and set about gathering wood for the evening's campfire. There was plenty around but it was far too thick to snap. I ended up laying the logs in the fire and rotating them every ten minutes to burn through enough to be able to break. While this worked very well, it was an exceptionally slow and messy process. I resolved to take a means of cutting next time I went camping.

I considered buying a machete but a few people suggested this wasn't the easiest way of going about things and not particularly family-friendly... I decided a saw would be the way to go. I already had a folding pruning saw that I had never used so I took that on the next camping trip, and while it did the job, it was slow and the blade got caught up on wood seemingly every other stroke!

Next on the list was one of those commando wire saws. I never got round to buying one as EVERY SINGLE REVIEW I read said they were not worth the money, and alternative option also seemed to be turning up quite regularly. The Unbelievable Saw, or its small-handled brother the Pocket Chainsaw seemed to get consistently good reviews so I bought one. Amazing as the above video looks, that is actually somebody using it in real-time. Every time I've been camping since, it's made the perfect companion!